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Crowns or "Stefana" for Christian Orthodox Weddings



Crowns or “Stefana” are used during the ceremony of Orthodox Christian weddings. The wedded couple is crowned with the “stefana” of Victory, like the Olympic game winners in Ancient Greece, as they enter together into a common life! The priest, followed by the best man or maid of honour (“koumparoi” in Greek), crosses the “stefana” three times on top of the wedded couple’s heads to have the couple blessed by God (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit)!


...We are delighted to offer to our customers the unique creations of “Stefana” by Chrysanthi ©,  a designer specialising in sophisticated “stefana” designs!


Our brilliant collection of designs will make your choice a difficult one!


...Take a seat and enjoy Chrysanthi’s collection!


p.s. All of our “stefana” are delivered in beautifully designed clear lid wedding boxes, so you can look at each exceptional design without taking it outside the box!

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