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Corporate Social Responsibility!


We are very proud to infrorm you that our company takes Corporate Social Responsibility seriously, using ethical approaches to gain the respect of our customers, acting towards the sustainability of our environment and supporting different communities!





We only use qualitative materials for our designs, respecting our customers as individuals that want the best for their special day! 


We recycle all waste materials, which can be recycled (!), like paper, plastic and glass!


We work in rooms with talls windows, harvesting natural sunlight, whenever possible (!), without wasting extra energy resources!


We use bicycles and public means of transportation to commute when the circumstances allow, not contributing to unnecessary carbon emissions!



We have been supporting charities with monetary donations and also by donating our unique products! We have supported so far chilren in hospital and Barnados by donating pieces of our "Holly Eggs"! collection at Easter Time!

We have also supported with monetary donations Oxfam, Shelter, MacMillan Trust and British Heart Foundation! At the same time, we have supported local churches, either with monetary donations or by donating our unique products for their raffles!


...Please write to us if you think that we could support the charity you love!


Our aim is to help groups and communities for a better future through our beautiful designs!...

With love, Your creative moments! 

sophisticated accessories for weddings, christenings and special occasions!

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