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We are very proud to present to you our magnificent collections!


Under Weddings" you can find individual pieces that can complement your outfit and highlight your creative and sophisticated personality!


...from magnificent Bridal Hairpieces and Accessories to sophisticated Boutonnières for the Groom, graceful accessories for the Flower Girls, and magnificent ornaments for venue decoration, these beautiful pieces are going to make an elegant statement!


We are also delighted to have created our Themed Collections", which were inspired by specific colour themes and will provide you with everything you need on your special day to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere!


...from invitations, to accessories for all the parties, wedding favours and venue decoration,

you will find everything you need

in one place!


...Designed for sophisticated individuals

that look for

alternative, elegant and creative pieces

to complement their special occasion!


Created by designer Chrysanthi ©,

who has been inspired by magnificent places and cultures to create elegant and timeless pieces!


Have a look at our brilliant collections

to create one of your very special moments of your life!



                                                                ...Bon Voyage!

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