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...We love bringing to light our customers' testimonials,

as we always welcome your feedback!


* I liked very much the coordination of colours that brought the same theme in every aspect of the wedding! The “Freshness of Spring” collection really brought a fresh breath of air to the day!                                                                                                           Elena


* The design of the favour was so simple, yet so effective and powerful!!!


* Kids loved the colourful“Holy Eggs”! They selected the one with their favourite colours and they were very excited about the surprise of the "hidden"wooden cross!                                                                                                             Christina


 *  Our christening favours were excellent! Elegant,unique and the option to choose from different cross designs, personalised our day and really added an extra touch.                                                                                                            Alex


      * Christening favours were very beautifully made.                                        Yannis


      * Your creative moments is a very appropriate name for this company!         Estelle



       * Congratulations on your amazing website, it is absolutely stunning and simple to use!



* Very happy with the wedding crowns, they are really elegant, beautifully handmade to a very high standard. Very happy with my order, quick and secure delivery, arrived well packaged. Highly recommend!                                                                      Marina



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