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This stunning design was created for sophisticated individuals that like elegant things in life!

Inspired by the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, where the winner was crowned with leaves from an olive tree!

This beautiful design is made with two metallic stems that are dressed with ivory satin ribbon. Green leaves, made of fabric, are adhered to the top of the crowns to create a stunning effect!

Ivory satin ribbon with a very interesting pattern at its edges connects the two crowns, making a bow at the bottom centre of each one. A faux ivory pearl complements the centre of each bow.

The crowns are presented in a magnificent white box and placed on white tulle! The box has a clear lid so you can have a look at the design without having to take it out!  A bow, made of ivory ribbon and tulle, along with the same pattern of leaves and a faux pearl, is placed at the front of the box to complement it. 

The approximate inner diameter of the crowns is 19 cm and their outer diameter is

The length of the ribbon that "ties" the two crowns is 1.5 metres approximately.

The whole product weighs 105 grams.

"...Olympia's crowns!" ©

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