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This beautiful box is complimenting the “Ethereal Beauty” collection and was created in order to accommodate the beautiful envelopes, cards and letters of wishes and blessings of your guests on your special day!

It is made with strong card in white colour in two parts (the main box and its lid that has a good sized slip, for the cards to fit).

It is beautifully decorated with pink tulle that shapes a magnificent bow at the centre of the box! Two magnificent artificial pink roses, which are made of foam and look like real ones, form an enchanting arrangement to compliment this enchanting design!

The approximate dimensions of the box are:

Length: 25 cm
Width: 25 cm
Height: 51 cm

The width of the slot is 4 cm approximately and its length is 21 cm approximately.

The whole product weights 426 grams.

"...Wish Box of an Ethereal Beauty!"

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