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...This marvellous design was created for romantic individuals that appreciate unique things in life!

It is made with a wooden heart. A silver ribbon is placed around the heart. The top of the piece is painted silver. Two white and silver hearts made of foam and glitter are attached to a bow made of white tulle, on the top part of the heart! Two white doves made of foam and glitter are attached to the lower part of the heart to create a stunning effect!

Be creative and place it at the centre of each table or on the bar or even on coffee tables to create a romantic effect!

You could keep this beautiful piece after your special occasion to place it in your living room to remind you of your special day! If you use more than one, to decorate different parts of your venue, you could give at the end the rest of them to your loved members of your family to decorate their own homes! Be sure that everybody is going to be impressed by this beautiful design of eternal love and devotion!

The approximate dimensions of the product are:

Length: 14 cm
Width: 13 cm
Height: 7 cm
Weight: 364 grams

p.s. You will have the option to add your preferred quantity of the product (if you want more than one piece) on the checkout page.

"...White Doves of Love!"

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