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...This magnificent design was made for enthusiastic women that always reflect to others their positive energy!

This beautiful piece consists of an artificial sunflower on yellow tulle; The sunflower is dressed with gold and iridescent glitter in a beautiful composition, where a faux pearl is attached to its centre to add a touch of glamour! An emerald green ribbon is placed around the flower in an interesting arrangement, where a beatiful design of a yellow "x" with a faux emerald green diamantѐ to its centre compliments this piece to look stunning from every angle!

Yellow feathers are added to this composition to create a magnificent effect!

Be creative and incorporate it to interesting hairstyle arrangements! A metallic clip, which is attached to the back of the product, makes it easy to integrate it anywhere!!!

The approximate dimensions of the product are:

Total Length: 25.5 cm
Total Width: 24 cm
Height: 4.5 cm
Weight: 9 grams.

The approximate diameter of the sunflower is 8 cm.

"...Sunflower of positive aura!"

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