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...This stunning hairpiece was created for individuals full of passion and Energy that dress to impress! We are pretty sure that this design will impress your guests with its sophistication and uniqueness!

It is made with a metallic crown, dressed with yellow-orange tulle! A rose, made of fabric and coloured orange and yellow, outlines this sophisticated design! In the centre of the rose, little artificial roses are placed in an interesting arrangement, with faux diamantѐs in their centre to compliment this composition!

The leaves of the rose are made of fabric and are decorated with gold coloured glitter to outline this brillant design! Faux diamantѐs in golden colour are attached to the perimeter of the crown to add this extra touch of glamour!

The approximate inner diameter of the crown is 18.2 cm

The approximate outer diameter of the crown is 20.4 cm

The diameter of the big rose is 7 cm and the diameters of the little roses is 2 cm and 1 cm respectively.

It weighs 40 grams.

"...Sophisticated Rose of Lava Dreams!"

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