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...This enchanting brooch was designed for sophisticated individuals that always look for enchanting things in life!

It displays a cameo; Cameos were made in Ancient Rome with materials of metal and clay to illustrate usually a female portrait! Sophisticated women of that era were wearing them to compliment their natural beauty and to exhibit a new prestige in their society!

Sophisticated women of our modern times wear cameos in the forms of brooches, necklaces, rings etc to...their personality.

A metallic safety pin is attached to the back of the design, so you can incorporate it anywhere in your outfit!

We have also created a magnificent box to accommodate your sophisticated brooch! It is silver in colour and exhibits on the top a beautiful arrangement of a faux pearl, black lace and black ribbon! Black padded insert is enclosed in the box so your brooch can be safely displayed!

The approximate dimensions  of the brooch are:

Length: 2.5 cm
Width: 2.5 cm
Height: 1.2 cm
Weight: 6 grams

"...Sophisticated Cameo!"

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