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...This stunning candle was created for individuals that like elegant things in life!

This white candle is dressed artistically with light blue satin ribbon; The same ribbon shapes a beautiful bow at the upper part of the candle. A stunning artificial flower, which is made of light blue fabric and plastic stems that have at their end little faux pearls (!), decorate the centre of this bow.

Faux pearls or faux light blue diamantés are placed to the centre of each pattern that is shaped with the ribbon to complement this magnificent composition!

...We could not decide if the faux pearls or the faux light blue diamantés look better, as we liked both of them (!), so the decision is yours! Please pick from the menu below which ones you want your candle to be dressed with and create one of your very special moments of your life!

The approximate dimensions of the candle are:
Height: 61 cm
Diameter: 5 cm

The whole product (candle with the decorations) weighs approximately 1075 grams (just a bit more than a kilo!)

"...Sky Blue Flower of Pearls!" © Candle

...Pick your decoration!
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