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...This magnificent design was created for sophisticated individuals that want unique and eclectic things in life!

It illustrates the brilliant rose of our centrepiece of "Rosy Bliss" collection in a stunning artistic 3D format! Iridescent glitter is added to the rose to add a touch of glamour and make it glow in various colours under different lights!

We have written the text inside the card with beautiful colours and artistic effects and we believe that it provides a kind and graceful statement! If you need to alternate the text please e-mail us with the relevant details.

You will have the option to add your preferred quantity of invitations on the checkout page.

We also suggest putting your photograph from your wedding on the top side of the card inside, so your guests can keep it as a beautiful memento!  

The envelope that accompanies the card is a beautiful silver pearlescent colour!

...A very unique design that completes the "Rosy Bliss" collection for sophisticated individuals that want to impress their guests with their eclectic gusto! 

p.s. You are welcome to order initially one piece of the invitation, just put under quantity "1" and you pay for the unit's price and the corresponding shipping fees. You are also welcome to provide us with your details and we can personalise the invitation for you.

The dimensions of the envelope are: 
Width: 13.2 cm
Length: 18 cm
Weight: 6 grams

The dimensions of the card are: 
Length: 12.5 cm (folded in half as pictured) and 25 cm total length unfolded
Width: 17.6 cm
Weight: 11 grams

The whole product weights: 17 grams

"...Rosy Bliss Thank You Card!"

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