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...This stunning design was created for sophisticated individuals that always look for eclectic things in life!

It consists of a brilliant artificial rose, which is so beautifully made of foam, that looks like a real one! Little faux pearls are attached to some parts of the flower to add a touch of glamour! An ice white satin ribbon shapes a beautiful bow at the back of the rose along with white tulle... The whole composition is adhered to an elegant veil... Faux pearlescent trimming is attached along the veil to create a magnificent effect!

Designed for individuals that want something unique and eclectic for their special occasion! 

A silver coloured metallic clip is attached to the back of the rose, so you can incorporate in your hairstyle!

The diameter of the rose is approximately 7 cm

The length of the veil (measured below the rose)is 85 cm. However, if you need a different length, please e-mail us for a quote!

The total length of this hairpiece is 95 cm

The total width of the veil is 87 cm

Its height is 8 cm approximately.

The whole product weighs 58 grams.

"...Rose of Happiness!" ©

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