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...This beautiful ribbon was created for cheerful personalities!

The design illustrates beautiful fuchsia roses with green leaves in a light blue background! It is 1 metre in length and 2.5 cm in width. It weighs 7 grams. The back of the ribbon is light blue colour. It could be tied around your neck or your arm for a very sophisticated effect or it could be used as a belt for the flower girl! 

We suggest that you place the ribbon around the waist and tie a bow at the central front or back side! You could also decorate the bow with a beautiful brooch from our collection! See our last two photographs for inspiration…
Get inspired and personalise this lovely design!

p.s. Be careful to cut any undesired length after you shape the bow... and cut it diagonally to prevent any "frizzy" effect!

p.s. 2: please e-mail us if you need it longer and we will contact you with a quote of the corresponding price.

"...Ribbon of Fuchsia Roses!"

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