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This beautiful passion red satin ribbon can be used as a belt over your wedding dress to tie the colour theme of the wedding! 

It is 3 metres long and 5 cm wide and looks brilliant from both sides! The satin of the fabric takes many different similar shades when light falls over it to create a magnificent effect!

We have made it on purpose quite long so you can wear it as you please - you can always cut any undesired length, depending on how you want to present it! 

Be careful to cut any undesired length after you shape the bow... and cut it diagonally to prevent any "frizzy" effect!

We suggest that you place the ribbon around your waist and tie a bow at the central front or back side! You could also decorate the bow with a beautiful brooch from our collection! See our last three photographs for inspiration…

Have a look at our gallery to see how other brides have worn it! Get inspired and create one of your special moments of your life!

p.s. It weights 26 grams.

"...Red Satin Ribbon of Apassionata!"

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