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...This stunning bridal hairpiece was created for creative women that make all their passionate dreams come true!

This piece is made with a beautiful artificial red rose, made of fabric. Faux diamantѐs in the shape of leaves are attached around its centre to add this Extra glamour! Red glitter is also attached to specific parts of the design, make it glow beautifully under any light! A white lacy tulle is adhered around the rose to give this extra bridal style!

A metallic clip is attached to the back of the product, so you can incorporate it anywhere in your hairstyle! Be creative to intergrate it in an interesting hair arrangement! We are pretty sure that you will impress all your guests!

The dimensions of this product are:

Approximate diameter of the whole product: 18 cm

Approximate Height: 7.5 cm

Weight: 17 grams

"...Red Rose of Passionate Dreams!

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