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…This beautiful centrepiece was designed for personalities that are creative and want something alternative, unique and sophisticated for their special occasion!

Each collection has each own personalised centrepieces. The large centrepiece is numbered and can be placed at the centre of each table in your venue! We have created a very artistic composition to highlight your special moment! 

You could place the centrepiece in the middle and arrange around it our beautiful artificial rose petals and faux crystals to create a magnificent effect! See our last photographs to get inspired! You could also use our smaller centrepiece of the same collection to decorate coffee tables, tables for children or other spaces to “tie” the same theme! 

We believe that your guests will be impressed with the sophisticated designs you have selected for your special day and will talk about it for a very long time! 

…Get inspired then to create one of your very special moments of your life!

The "Pearls of Love" large centrepiece uses as a base a foam brick, that is steady and at the same time light and very easy to carry! This is dressed with cream satin fabric; On its top, faux pearls interwoven with gold coloured wire create a magnificent composition!

Gold glitter and iridescent glitter glue are used to shape the numbers and the text "Mr and Mrs" ! in a calligraphic format, which glows beautifully under any light! 

Beige fabric with gold glitter effect and gold sequins is placed around the perimeter of the centrepiece to complement its beautiful design and make it look brilliant from all sides! The same ribbon also shapes a bow at the front to add a graceful touch to this enchanting design!  

...Created to add an elegant, sophisticated touch to your special occasion!

"...Pearls of Love large centerpiece!"

  • If you wish to order this design, add it to your basket. You will have the option to add your preferred quantity of the product at the checkout page. For any other enquiries, please feel free to e-mail us! The approximate dimensions of the centrepiece are: Total Length:24.5 cm Total Width: 14 cm Total Height: 11 cm It weighs 82 grams The approximate diameter of each pearl is 1 cm.
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