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...These graceful heart charms can be offered as a brilliant christening favour to your guest female children!

The hearts come in an assortment of the following colours and patterns:
Pink and White stripes, Red, Darker Pink and Light Pink Dots, vibrant Pink, Lavender and, last but not least (!), Red with Vibrant Pink!

The back of the heart is metallic colour.

We wrap them in graceful organza pouches in white, red, pink, orange, lilac and purple colour to create magnificent effects!

You can buy them separately as a gift or in quantity as christening favours. Just add one piece to the basket and you can add your preferred quantity of the product at the checkout page'

If you buy them in quantity, an assortment of colours and designs will be included in a display tray, which is dressed with light pink satin fabric free of charge!  

All the hearts have the same dimensions, which are approximately:

Length: 1 cm
Width: 1 cm
Weight: 1 gram

The dimensions of each pouch are:

length: 9.5 cm
Width: 7 cm
It weighs less than a gram!

The whole product weighs 2 grams approximately.

The diameter of the metallic loop is 0.5 cm

"...Little Hearts of Love Charms!"

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