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...a stunning design made from an artificial lilly (amazingly created like a real one!), diamanté leaves (that shine beautifully under any light!), ivory satin ribbon and a magnificent ivory veil!

A metallic silver coloured clip is attached to the back of the flower, so you can incorporate into your hairstyle! 
The diameter of the lily is approximately 5.5 cm. Its length is approximately 11.5 cm.

The length of the veil (measured below the lily)is 115 cm. However, if you need a different length, please e-mail us for a quote!

The total length of this hairpiece is 120 cm approximately.

The total width of the veil is 110 cm.

Its height is 6 cm approximately.

The whole product weighs 26 grams.

"...Lilly of Hope!" ©

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