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This enchanting design was created for creative individuals that dress to impress!

It can be worn with many ways, as a bracelet tight around your arm, as a necklace or as a hairpiece! Be inspired and create one of your very special moments of your life! Have a look at our gallery to see how other individuals have worn it!

This design is created with an artificial orange rose, which is made of foam and looks like a real one! Gold colour glitter has been applied to some petals of the rose to create a magnificent effect! The metallic stem of the rose is dressed with gold colour faux diamantés that add a touch of glamour! The whole arrangement is attached to an alluring orange satin ribbon that becomes a magnificent colour of many similar shades when light illuminates it! Have a look at our photographs to admire its beautiful effect!

The brilliance of the design stands on the fact that the stem is quite flexible and can be shaped easily around your desired body part! A bow then can be shaped with the satin ribbon at the back or the side of the rose to create a very splendid effect!

The length of the ribbon is approximately 1 meter. We have made it on purpose quite long so you can wear it as you please - you can always cut any undesired length, depending on how you want to present it!

Be careful to cut any undesired length after you shape the bow... and cut it diagonally to prevent any "frizzy" effect!

The whole product weights 12 grams

The height of the product when is placed flat is 5 cm

The diameter of the rose is 6.5 cm.

The width of the ribbon is 4 cm.

"...Lava's Diamante Rose!"

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