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This beautiful box was created for eclectic individuals that want to celebrate their twins christening! Guests are invited to drop into the slot their cards of wishes and blessings for the new born girl and boy!

This beautiful box is made by thick cardboard in ivory colour. Two marvellous foam roses, in pink and light blue colours, are attached to yellow tulle! In addition to this, a pink ribbon that reads "It's a girl" and a light blue ribbon that reads "It's a boy" are attached to each rose to compliment this beautiful design! 

The approximate dimensions of the box are:

Length: 40 cm
Width: 23 cm
Height: 27 cm

The approximate diameter of each rose is 7 cm and its height is 5 cm.

The width of the slot is 4.5 cm approximately and its length is 22 cm approximately.

The whole product weighs 440 grams approximately.

"...It's twins!" © Wish Box!

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