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...This stunning invitation was designed for individuals that want something sophisticated, unique and eclectic!

The outside of the white glossy card illustrates a beautiful composition of two baby blue roses in an artistic format that represent the bride and the groom! The card then "opens up" to the main details of the invitation! 

We present the text in an interesting combination of colours and effects! We have written the text and we think that it covers all the main information that someone may need. However, if you need to alternate the text, please e-mail us with all the relevant information.

The card then is tied with a beautiful sky blue satin ribbon in a magnificent bow! This is posted in a lovely light blue envelope to tie the colour theme of the wedding!

It is a unique design for sophisticated couples that want something eclectic on their special day!

The dimensions of the envelope are: 
Width: 16.2 cm
Length: 22.9 cm 
Weight: 5 grams

The dimensions of the card are: 
Length: 21 cm (folded as pictured) 
Width: 14.5 cm
Weight: 15 grams

The whole product weights: 20 grams

p.s. You are welcome to order initially one piece of the invitation, just put under quantity "1" and you pay for the unit's price and the corresponding shipping fees. You are also welcome to provide us with your details and we can personalise the invitation for you. Please e-mail us for these!

"...Invitation of Innocent Dreams!"

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