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…This beautiful clear plastic pouch includes rice and rose petals to throw to the newly married couple during or after the ceremony as they exit they church! Tradition varies and differs to religion and culture! 

Rice is known to be associated with fertility and the flourishing growth of the married couple’s relationship! Rose petals are known to be associated with happiness and beauty!

In this occasion, we include artificial light blue rose petals, made gracefully of fabric, in the colour of your themed wedding! Each collection has a different colour of rose petals, in order to “tie” the colour theme wedding!

We also include to our collection lavender pouches! Lavender is known to be associated with devotion!

Why not combine both of them? E.g. rice and rose petals packets for the women and lavender for the men or the children!? Get inspired to create one of the very special moments of your life! 

The length of each packet is 9.5 cm and its width is 6.5 cm. Its height is 2.5 cm. The approximate weight of each product is 20 grams. 3 rose petals and 3 spoons of rice are included approximately in each pack! We believe that this is enough for 2 or 3 throws!

"...Innocent Dreams - Rice and Rose Petals Pack!"

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