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...This magnificent gift box was created for creative individuals that always look for sophisticated designs! ...What does its shape look like to you?? It looks to us like a female body with a stunning strapless dress! Let's your imagination free and create one of your very special moments of your life!

This brilliant design is created with cream card in a very sophisticated shape! Cream organza ribbon attached the two ends of the box together to secure it and creates a lovely bow! Pearlescent glitter is attached to some parts of the box to add a bit of glamour and elegance!

...Perfect for medium sized objects, as it is the biggest among the "...Glitter Butterfly of Elegance!" and the "...Glitter Heart of Love!"

Why you do not have a look at our beautiful designs to get inspired!? We are pretty sure that you will be spoilt of choices!

The approximate dimensions of this gift box are:

Total Length: 8.5 cm (Length of the actual box: 6 cm)
Width: 6 cm
Depth: 6 cm
Weight: 5 grams

Please note that we will put free of charge your desired object in the box if we see that you have ordered the same quantities of these (e.g. 50 boxes, 50 pendants).

You are always welcome to order one of each as a sample to see how it looks; just put “1” under quantity and you will pay for the unit’s corresponding price and shipping fees. 

For any other enquiries, please feel free to e-mail us!

"...Glitter Magnificence" Gift Box

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