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...This stunning hairpiece was created for women that dress to impress with unique pieces!

It is created on a padded ivory stem, where 3 artificial fuchsia calla lilies are attached along with white tulle! A light mint green satin ribbon is added to the design, in an interesting arrangement! Beautiful pearls along with a magnificent design of faux diamantés is added to the design to add this extra touch of glamour! The interesting thing is that this hairpiece looks brilliant from both the front and the back side!

...Be sure that your guests will be mesmerised with this brilliant design!

The length of the stem is 34 cm. Its width is 2.5 cm.

The total height of the whole product is 25 cm.

The approximate diameter of each lily is 4 cm.

It weighs 32 grams.

"...Fuchsia Lilly of Pearls and Dreams!"

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