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...This magnificent design is inspired by the elegance of Greek Goddesses!

It is very similar with the "...Ethereal Goddess!" design but with more delicate and elegant touches! Can you spot the differences!?

The metallic stem is dressed with cream satin ribbon. Faux pearls are interwoven with gold colour wire to create a magnificent arrangement! Gold colour leaves, made of fabric, along with faux pearls are placed to some parts of the crown to complement this stunning composition!

Cream satin ribbon with gold colour threaded edges shapes a beautiful bow to the bottom centre of the crown; a stunning arrangement of gold colour leaves, made of fabric, are placed to the centre of the bow along with faux pearls in different sizes to complete this grandiose design! 

The inner diameter of the circle is 19 cm approximately and the height of the product is 5 cm approximately. 

The approximate diameter of the pearls is 4 mm.

The approximate length of each leaf is 2 cm and its width 0.9 cm.

It weighs 53 grams.

It is beautifully presented in a white box with a clear lid to protect its delicate design.

"...Ethereal Elegance!"

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