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...This beautiful organza pouch could be used for anything you wish to include as a gift for your guests! It has an enchanting colour, which is something between turquoise and emerald green, adding a very sophisticated touch to your desired gift!

Organza fabric makes the pouch quite transparent, so your desired gift can be presented in an elegant and stylish way! Satin drawstring incorporated in the fabric helps you to close and open the bag, as many times as you wish!

It is an alternative to a gift box! 

Why you are not including a watch, a brooch or a key ring!? 

Choices are endless… Get inspired to create one of your very special moments of your life!

p.s. You will have the option to add your preferred quantity of the product (if you want more than one piece) on the checkout page.

The size of this pouch is the biggest one among the pouches of the 1st, 2nd collections and the gold one, perfect to wrap bigger gifts. 

Its approximate dimensions are: Length:  cm and Width: cm. 
It weighs less than one gram!

p.s. Please not that we will wrap free of charge your desired object in the pouch if we see that you have ordered the same quantities of these (e.g. 50 pouches, 50 charms).

You are always welcome to order one of each as a sample to see how it looks; just put “1” under quantity and you will pay for the unit’s corresponding price and shipping fees. 

For any other enquiries, please feel free to e-mail us!

"...Enchanting Green organza pouch!"

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