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...This graceful Boutonnière was created for personalities that like travelling and dreaming of far away lands and places to explore!  This design reminds us of a bird(!) that is ready to fly to different places and dreams!

The brilliance of the design is that it can be worn in different directions! Have a look at our photographs and decide which is your most favourite!

...This design is created with an artificial sunflower that reflects positive energy and "pure" love! A faux pearl is placed to its centre to compliment the beauty of the flower! An emerald green satin ribbon is adhered to the back of the flower, arranged in a graceful way!

A metallic safety pin is attached to the back of the product, so you can incorporate it anywhere in your outfit! 

The approximate dimensions of the product are:

Total Length: 10 cm
Total Width: 5.5 cm
Height: 2 cm
Weight: 3 grams

The approximate diameter of the sunflower is 3.8 cm

"...Emerald Bird of Dreams!"

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