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This stunning design was created for eclectic individuals that appreciate all the beauty of elegance in life!

It can be worn with many ways, as a bracelet tight around your arm, as a necklace or as a hairpiece! Be inspired and create one of your very special moments of your life!

This graceful piece is made with faux pearls interwoven with gold coloured wire to create an interesting arrangement! This is then attached to a series of faux gold coloured diamantes on dark cream satin ribbon with gold coloured edges to create an enchanting outcome!

The brilliance of the design stands on the fact that the stem is quite flexible and can be shaped easily around your desired body part! A bow then can be shaped with the satin ribbon at the back or the side of the pearl arrangement to create a very splendid effect!

The length of the ribbon is 1 meter and its width 2.5 cm. We made it on purpose quite long so you can wear it as you please - you can always cut any undesired length, depending on how you want to present it!

The whole product weights 8 grams.

The height of the product when is placed flat is 4.5 cm.

"...Diamante Pearls of Love!"

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