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...This enchanting brooch was created for sophisticated individuals that always look for unique things in life!

Satin white fabric shapes a beautiful artificial flower! From its centre faux pearls interwoven with plastic wire rise up to create a magnificent effect! Along with them, a faux diamanté, which glows beautifully under any light, is interwoven with metallic wire to add a touch of glamour!

The stem of the flower is dressed with white satin ribbon with silver colour threaded edges and is shaped in a interesting form to create an enchanting arrangement!

A metallic safety pin is adhered to the back of the design, so you can incorporate it anywhere on your outfit!

Perfect for individuals that want to wear a discreet yet elegant piece of accessory on their special occasion!

The approximate dimensions of the product are@

Length: 6 cm
Width: 3.5 cm
Height: 3 cm

The whole product weights 2 grams

The approximate diameter of the flower is 4 cm

"...Diamante Flower of Rosy Bliss!

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