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...This stunning hairpiece was created for sophisticated women, full of romance and dreams!!!

This design is created with a metallic stem, dressed with lilac satin ribbon and light purple tulle! Beautiful little lilac roses, made of satin fabric, are attached to the stem, where a stunning silver threaded trimming design is interwoven to add this magnificent effect to this hairpiece!

A magnificent bow, made of lilac satin ribbon, is added to the bottom centre of the hairpiece to compliment the design and a little satin rose, surrounded by a silver threaded beautiful trimming, is adhered to the centre of the bow to add a sophisticated touch!

The inner diameter of the crown is 18.7 cm approximately.

The outer diameter of the crown is 20.6 cm approximately.

The diameter of the little roses is 1 cm (2.5 cm with leaves)

The whole product weighs 53 grams.

"...Crown of Sophisticated Aromas"

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