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...This unique christening candle was designed for mums that like elegant things in life!

A magnificent trimming that consists of white satin ribbon, white lace and iridescent colourful sequins at the shape of little flowers, dresses beautifully this candle! 

A brilliant silver colour cross is pinned to the upper part of the candle, along with a colourful flower sequin of the same pattern, to create a stunning composition!

Unique and graceful, the sophisticated design of this candle will be commented by your guests!

...You can unpin the cross after the christening and wear it!

The approximate dimensions of the candle are:

Height: 61 cm
Diameter: 5 cm

The whole product (candle with the decorations) weighs approximately 1077 grams (just a bit more than a kilo!)

p.s. The dimensions of the cross are 3.7 cm length and 1.5 cm width. It weighs 1 gram. 

Our supplier has quality assured us that this cross is free of lead, cadmium and nickel, which  are materials that can cause an allergic reaction to some people. 

"...Cross of White Flowery Grace!" © - Candle

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