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...This stunning design was crated for individuals that dress to impress!

Inspired by the elegance of pearls, the grace of lace and the beauty of the rose... A hairpiece that will mesmerize everyone around it!

It is made with a cream artificial rose, which is made of foam and looks like a real one! Little faux pearls are attached to some petals of the rose to add some glamour! A magnificent composition of pearls interwoven with gold coloured wire arise from the centre of the flower! Cream and gold ribbon in an interesting arrangement is placed around the flower. The whole composition is attached to a cream knitted base; a beautiful designed lace is placed around the base to complete this stunning composition! The brilliance of the design is that you can have the lace both ways; up if you want a more fascinating effect! or down to make it look like a little hat!

A metallic clip is attached to back of the composition, so you can incorporate it anywhere in your hairstyle! Be inspired to create one of your very special moments of your life!

The approximate dimensions of this product are:

The approximate diameter of the product is 15 cm
The approximate diameter of the rose is 9 cm.
Height: 7 cm
Weight: 15 grams

"...Cream Rose of Lace and Pearls!"

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