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...These stunning baubles are the perfect gift for enthusiastic children!

The baubles are clear plastic, separated when opened in two parts. A gold glitter thread is attached to the top of the bauble, in order to be hung from the Christmas tree!

Shredded paper in green, yellow, blue or red fills the baubles; Children can put inside a variety of accessories or food to compliment them, like chocolate candies or small toys! 

Last but not least, an assortment of Christmas foam stickers in brilliant designs are placed at the front side of the bauble to create a playful effect!

You can buy them separately as a gift or in quantity as christening favours! 

If you buy them separately, please select the colour of shredded 
paper you would like them to be filled with (green, yellow, blue or red). If you would like two pieces, please select the first colour, add it to the basket and then follow the same process for the second one.

If you buy them in quantity as christening favours, an assortment of colours will be included and a plastic display case dressed with yellow satin fabric, will be given free of charge! 

Just click once at any colour, add it to the basket and you can put the desired quantity at the checkout.

The diameter of each bauble is 5 cm.

It weighs around 12 grams!

"...Christmas surprise baubles!" ©

Pick your colour!
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