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...These snap on bracelets come in different colours and patterns for playful kids that like unique gifts!

Their are made of plastic and glossy card and can be easily "transformed" from straight to circular! 

Choose among red, green, blue and turquoise if you want to buy an individual piece!
If you would like two pieces, please select the first colour, add it to the basket and then follow the same process for the second one.

If you buy them in quantity as christening favours, an assortment of colours will be included and a display tray dressed with yellow satin fabric, will be given free of charge! 

Just click once at any colour, add it to the basket and you can put the desired quantity at the checkout.

The length of each bracelet is 24.5 cm.

The width of each bracelet is 2.5 cm.

It weighs 9 grams!

"...Christmas snap on bracelets!"

...Pick your colour!
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