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This beautiful canvas can accommodate the names of your guests that are going to sit at each table! We think that it can take the names of 4 – 8 tables (6- 8 people sitting at each table), depending on the format you want the names written (Name – Name Surname – Name S. -  or even nicknames!). 

However, If you have many guests you may need to buy two canvasses in order to accommodate all the names of the guests! Please feel free to e-mail us with your requirements and any enquiries!

The approximate dimensions of the canvas are (Length: 50.5 cm, Width: 40.5 cm, Depth: 1.7cm)

Total Length: 54 cm
Total Width: 45 cm
Total Depth: 5 cm

The approximate diameter of the big pearl is 1 cm and the diameter of the small ones are 0.7.

The whole product weighs 260 grams approximately.

This beautiful design is made with a ready-made canvas (canvas stretched and fixed on wooden blocks that can also be hung!)

We painted it for you a magnificent pearlescent ivory colour to compliment the collection of “Pearls of Love”! We write in a calligraphic format the names of your guests and table numbers with gold metallic colour and extra gold glitter in specific parts to add a bit of glamour and shine under any light!

Ivory tulle is placed around the canvas to make it look nicer and little faux pearls interwoven with gold coloured wire are attached to the centre of the three sides to complement its design and secure the tulle along the canvas;

This ivory tulle shapes a magnificent bow at the top of the canvas! Gold colour leaves made of fabric along with faux pearls interwoven with gold wire create an enchanting arrangement on top of the bow that will mesmerise your guests!

Perfect for complimenting the decoration of the venue! It can also be hung as a painting in your living room or your bedroom, reminding you of this special moment of your life that you shared with your family and dear friends!

"...Canvas of Pearls!"

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