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This beautiful Name Card completes the "Ethereal Beauty" table decoration! Crafted in a graceful design, it offers style and elegance in a beautiful way! 

The card is light pink / light peach colour, whereas your name is written by our designer in calligraphic format with gold ink in different forms! (thin pen point or thicker!) 

You can select to write the names in different formats; Name, Name Surname, Name S., or even nicknames! Please e-mail us with your preferred format and with the list of your guests as soon as you order the product.

You are always welcome to order one of each as a sample to see how it looks; just put “1” under quantity and you will pay for the unit’s corresponding price and shipping fees. 

p.s. You can add your preferred quantity of the product at the checkout page.

The approximate dimensions of the card are:  (if you want the full Name and Surname to be written, cards may be slightly bigger!)
Length: 9 cm
Width (whole: 6. 5 cm) – (folded in half: 3.25 cm)
Height (when is folded): 3.25 cm
Weight: 1 gram

"...Name Card of Ethereal Beauty!"

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