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…These beautiful red and light silver colour organza pouches contain dried lavender seeds, lightly scented! Lavender is known to be associated with devotion!

It is the perfect product, alternative and more sophisticated than confetti, to “throw” to the newly wedded couple, as they exit the church! 

Each of our collections promotes different colours of pouches according to the colour theme of the wedding!

...Why not combining it with the “Rice and Rose Petals packs” to create a beautiful scene! E.g. Rice and Rose Petals packets for the women and Lavender Pouches for the men or the children!? Get inspired to create one of the very special moments of your life! 

p.s. please select from the menu below if you prefer the red or the silver one. If you want both of them, please "put in the basket" your first order and then make a different order, selecting the other colour and following the same process. You will have the option to add your preferred quantity of the product (if you want more than one piece) on the checkout page.

The approximate dimensions of the each lavender pouch are: 

Length: 8 cm
Width: 7 cm
Weight: 1 gram

"...Lavender Pouch! - Apassionata"

...Pick your colour!
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