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 ...a unique design of faux diamantѐs that glow magnificently under any light...  It makes you feel like a Queen on your special day when you see your Prince Charming!

The metallic stem is dressed with white satin ribbon. Faux diamantѐs are integrated with an amazing design of silver colour plastic trimming, which create a magnificent pattern that glows beautifully under any light! White satin ribbon with silver colour threaded edges shapes a brilliant arrangement at the bottom centre of the crown; One of the faux diamantés of the same trimming is placed to the centre of the bow to complement this beautiful design!

The inner diameter of the circle is 19 cm approximately and the height of the product is 1.5 cm. It weighs 58 grams.

It is beautifully presented in a white box with a clear lid to protect its unique design, so you can admire it and show it to your friends without having to take it necessarily outside its box!

"...Diamanté Queen!"

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