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...This magnificent design was created for eclectic individuals that always look for unique things in life!

It is made with an artificial calla lily, so beautifully designed that looks like a real one! Faux diamantes are attached to the stem of the lily, where the whole composition is adhered to a qualitative plastic comb, with a cleverly designed curved shape to incorporate any hairstyle, without getting easily detached! 

The brilliance of the design stands on the fact that parts of the lily are decorated with silver and iridescent glitter that form a beautiful creation! The same glitter also decorates the main series of the diamantes, which complete a very personalised arrangement!

The approximate dimensions of the product are:

Length: 15 cm
Width: 11 cm
Height: 4 cm
Weight: 13 grams

The diameter of the lily is approximately 5 cm. Its length is approximately 11.5 cm.

...Diamantè Lilly!

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